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It’s Raining £ Coins

With the crops and grassland desperate for rain a month ago, everything has dramatically changed with the recent precipitation! Do not complain, ‘it’s pound coins from heaven’ an old farmer once told me! The crops of wheat and barley are actually looking good, having taken up fertiliser to stimulate development after a long period marking […]

Luckier than Most

We’re still trying hard to maintain the socially distancing idea! With many active workshops around the place, deliveries and comings and goings, it is important to keep the proverbial guard up! Security gates and combination locks handled by others demand a good supply of gloves, gel or access to soap and water – what a […]

Positive and Optimistic

2020 has been a weird if not momentous year and, for once, we cannot blame anything on Brexit! With coronavirus, which I will not recognise with a capital C, rampaging throughout the country causing devastation to people, families and businesses, it’s currently impossible to best guess any likely end point to the crisis! Farming has […]

Decision Time

This farm like many others is spluttering along although ‘splashing along’ might be a more accurate description at present! We are wet, very wet. The land here is a free draining soil type over chalk, but has become waterlogged right to the top of our slopes during this extremely wet winter. In fact, even though […]