Looking Forward

Three cheers for the rams!

Scanning results have been exceptionally good setting the scene for a positive start for lambing in 2021. Our new Llanwenog flock have excelled themselves meaning the pedigree ram was quietly doing his own thing at night unobserved by everyone else! It’s now up to us to get the overall feeding, health and management right in the weeks leading up to lambing in late February.

A few years ago, this farm was big into early lambing during November and December breaking off for Christmas before starting again. When unpopular farmer once got the dates wrong and peak lambing occurred on Christmas Day, the Aga was a focal point for weakly or cold lambs all battling for warming space with the festive cooking needs!

Staying on the positive foot, all the planned winter cropping which includes barley, wheat and beans are in the ground and growing well. This is a substantial boost compared with last year when we were desperately behind with all field work because of the extremely wet conditions. We eventually ended up totally changing cropping plans and growing much lower yielding spring barley as a back-stop option.

Currently our diverse range of workshop tenants are progressing well despite the problems created by pandemic lock-downs, disruptions in some supply chains and confidence in the purchasing sector. There is strong demand for workshop spaces as people review their future options which may mean we will be expanding further on this side of the business.

Hopefully, by the end of the year there will be a sensible Brexit agreement with the European Union, our largest trading partner! Tariff free trade is critical for farming especially in the sheep sector. Although supportive of the Government in the difficult quest to achieve control of our lives and economic future, I fail to understand why everything is subject to endless posturing with a deal that will be hastily cobbled and compromised at the last minute on the last day of negotiations. Nobody could operate a business with such inefficiency and we should expect better!

Recent tightening of the Covid restrictions is disheartening for so many especially during this festive period. On the brighter side, although we’ve all had enough of lock-down’s there is a light glimmering at the end of a long tunnel as the vaccination programme begins to be rolled out. Undoubtedly, Christmas will be totally different and we all have to be very, very careful! Our usual socialising activities are totally on hold, but we look forward to seeing some of our lovely grandchildren at a distance, and meeting friends ‘on-line’ with an uplifting glass of wine or two!

The signs for next year are looking good!

A very Merry Christmas and above all, A Happy and Healthy New Year!