About the Farm

Highlands Farm Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Oxfordshire

Highlands Farm, as the name suggests, includes some of the higher ground in the Thames Valley known as the Sinodun Hills. Despite this aspect – it is classified as a downland farm with open field areas and few natural boundaries. The overriding landscape feature when viewed from afar is the seemingly single tree on top of the hill which is known locally as Brightwell Barrow. The farm logo emphasis this theme but in reality the barrow comprises a close planting of six trees!

In an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the farm commands views of the surrounding countryside with good public access points from a cross-field path to Wittenham Clumps and a bridle path leading to the River Thames.

This family farm, owned and managed by David and Rosemary Greasby, comprises a range of livestock, arable farming and also diversification enterprises.

The commercial farming operation supports a wide range of wildlife and includes environmental and conservation concerns within a normal farming rotation. Environmental Stewardship and Farm Assurance feature in all aspects of production at Highlands Farm.

Arable enterprises include wheat for milling and feed markets, beans for human or livestock consumption and maincrop potatoes – which are sold directly from the farm-gate.

A closed flock of sheep utilise permanent grassland and produce new season lamb for the meat market and also breeding livestock. A small flock of hens is also kept to compliment the farm-gate sales.

The main diversification enterprise involves the letting of buildings for workshops and storage in the traditional 1840’s farm buildings.